Outsourcing for the Small Business Owner: Five Ways to Save Time & Energy

A day in the life of a small business owner entails a variety of different responsibilities. This includes the major goals of meeting customer demand, determining what new improvements to adopt, and how to gain greater success. But it also includes other tasks, such as handling accounts payable requests, monitoring a marketing campaign, or copying vital documents. … Read more

Using Offline Advertising to Point to Your Online Business

If your business predominantly operates online, you will no doubt have invested in web-based advertising. However, overlooking offline marketing altogether would be a mistake. Many businesses now operate largely or even solely online, meaning that web-based advertising in all its forms is an important way to raise your profile. However, there are clients you will simply never … Read more

How Not to Impress Clients – Tips on Improving Your Customer Service

Those of you who follow my blog closely have probably noticed two themes alternating in my posts recently, sales and customer service. The reason for the first one is that sales are very close to my heart. I consider myself a sales guy and also selling is something I enjoy doing. I am also publishing a book … Read more

The Reason Behind Business Combination of Companies

The business combination is defined as a merger of two or more companies for mutual benefits and to join business operations. There are different reasons for different companies to join hands -some form combinations for cutting down their expenses while some want to broaden their range of products and services. There are also companies that … Read more