How to Grow your Business During Black Friday Cyber Monday

Are you looking to get more customers to grow your business during Black Friday Cyber Monday?

If yes, in this article we shortlisted some best tips that we found working great during this Cyber week from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.

As you already know the power of event or seasonal shopping. You can get more new customers in bulk just in few days and of course BIG revenue too.

However still if you can’t do much planning for black Friday and Cyber Monday then you probably not getting a lot more focus from customers to your business. For that, you need to have the right planning, not just a few days works you did and you got much customers’ attention.

This needs months of good research, planning, and marketing that will become finally HUGE business day.

Still, if you take it lightly let me tell you one shocking stats of Black Friday only.

Last year in 2019, Black Friday only US sales hit $7.4 according to some Black Friday statistics.

In fact, Consumers aged 35-44 spent an average of $413 over the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

After seeing these stats everyone needs to get inspired to get success during these events.

With that, it’s time to see what are the best tips to grow your business during Black Friday Cyber Monday.

These are very simple yet effective tips that you should implement into your business.

Tip to Grow your Business During Black Friday Cyber Monday

1. Start Analyzing Compatitors Old Promotional Offer

This is very important and first part of our strategy. In this we need to first create list of our competitors who are get success during last Black Friday Cyber Monday.


Because, there you’ll get your success FORMULA.

In other words, search for their old successful offers or deals which they are offering during last year and got a good response from consumers.

Once, you found that then it’s time analyze it and match pattern what’s so similar in all of these competitor offers?

  • You need to ask question to your self:
  • Why people love their offer?
  • Do they help customers to save more money?
  • Why customer only prefer to shop from their?

And once you finished analyzation you’ll get only one answer. That is a compelling offer or deal.

You you heard it right. That’s what their strategy was.

Which is our NEXT tips.

2. Create Strong Offers

If you have analyzed your competitors offer well then you got some ideas of what they were offering and why people put more weight on their brand right?

So you have to start working on your offer. In this you have to ask some question to yourself such as:

  • Which offer looks genuine?
  • Which offer makes consumers happier?
  • After giving an offer will you get some minimum amount of profit?
  • Will this offer is more enticing than your competitors?

So in short, you just need to provide more value to your customers by cutting down your profit margin.

Even though, If you get low profit take it as a positive sign because you’re getting more branding opportunities and more new customers which will become your regular customer for the future.

Bottom Line: Make your offer more compelling than your competitors.

3. Start Spreading your Offers on all the direction

Now, it’s time to do solid marketing on multiple channels to attract more customers to your store.

For this step you could leverage many things available online like:

  1. Social media marketing on your pages
  2. Organic search engine traffic
  3. Paid ad campaigns
  4. Tie-up with social media influencers
  5. Advertise on popular websites in your niche
    and a lot more.

In short, here you have to try to reach as people as possible to convert them to your customers through your catchy offers.

So these are the best tips that you could use in your business to make your Next Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend success.

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