Outsourcing for the Small Business Owner: Five Ways to Save Time & Energy

A day in the life of a small business owner entails a variety of different responsibilities. This includes the major goals of meeting customer demand, determining what new improvements to adopt, and how to gain greater success. But it also includes other tasks, such as handling accounts payable requests, monitoring a marketing campaign, or copying vital documents.

Imagine being able to focus on the business side of your company without having to spend time on important but lower-level work. Outsourcing certain functions of your business provides a way to free up your schedule and allow you to concentrate on the major tasks of running your organization.

Yet once you’ve decided to take on outsourcing services for your company, the next step is nailing down which ones are best to offload to a third party. Let’s take a look at the top five things that can be outsourced to make your life easier:

  1. Your office: It may seem strange, but your physical office consumes a lot of unnecessary expenses and resources you don’t have time to expand. This is where a virtual office comes into play. Whether you outsource your receptionist or office document management to a virtual third party is up to you, but the main idea is that you need to trim the fat in your office to make things run more efficiently.
  2. Printing and design: Whether you’re printing a brochure, a company document, or proofs for an ad campaign, printing is time-consuming. Also, putting aside the utilitarian process of printing itself, someone has to design your branding and company policy documents. Outsourcing your printing services and design needs removes the pressure of hiring a print specialist or an in-house designer.
  3. Accounting and finance: The larger your company becomes, the more complex your financial situation is. As a result, your accounting staff can triple overnight, depending on how fast your business grows, which in some cases is a very real possibility. Offloading your accounting process to a third-party provider gives you better control over the entire process and can curb costs for payroll and tax processing.
  4. Shipping and receiving: These are the tasks that companies wrongly feel must be done in-house. In fact, third-party fulfillment centers are becoming more practical than ever and are popping up all the time. They allow you to dramatically cut shipping costs and reduce some of the resource-intensive aspects of running a shipping warehouse internally.
  5. Marketing: Finally, marketing is a major time and resource requirement, and it’s one of the most important aspects of your business. Yet this is all the more reason it should be outsourced to specialists who know how to best connect with consumers and raise your profile.

Outsource Smart, Not Hard

Once you’ve embarked on outsourcing, make sure you’re using dependable providers. Just as you’d hire only the best employees, you want the same in a third-party service. Do some research and get a feel for each service provider’s track record before you offload your business processes. Don’t rush into these important relationships, but start moving in that direction. Your business success depends on it.

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