9 Ways to Stay Excited About Sales

Some people have a passion for sales that never seems to diminish. Others may have an excitement that comes and goes like the morning tide, rising strongly when sales are good, and receding if there is a lull. Salespeople need to remind themselves that during a tough economy, it is more important than ever to stay motivated and energetic; your success depends on it. If you need help staying energetic about sales, and aren’t sure how to maintain the enthusiasm you once had, try following these tips below.

1. Find The Keys To Unlock The Door To Your Selling Enthusiasm (And Never Lose Them)

If you aren’t as excited as you used to be about selling, the first thing to do is examine the reasons why. Have you not been making enough sales lately? Is the work environment not conducive to selling? Are there problems outside the workplace that are affecting your performance? There could be many reasons, and while some of them may be difficult to manage or diffuse, a great deal more of them can be easily remedied.

Once you determine the factors that are keeping you from staying energetic, create a list of what can be done to counteract them. If you aren’t sure, don’t be afraid to ask someone else for advice. Quite often an answer might lie just out of reach of our own mind, but can easily be given by another. Sometimes even just talking with another more spirited coworker can be enough to instill you with a renewed sense of motivation.

2. Infect the Customer

Now that you’ve discovered some ways to keep your motivation high and stay energetic, the next step is to infect the customer with the same excitement you feel. If the customer sees that you are excited about the product, it is highly likely that they will also grow more excited about it as well. Subsequently, when you see their excitement grow, yours rises even higher. It’s like a continually rising cycle, each of you feeding off of each other’s emotions. And each exciting sale will catapult you on to the next.

3. Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

Being motivated typically involves having some goal in mind. If you have nothing to work towards, it can be quite difficult to maintain a sense of enthusiasm. Having goals is one of the keys to staying energetic, because we don’t really want to disappoint ourselves. With a goal in mind, you’ll keep working towards it, and as you get closer to it, your excitement will grow.

4. Surround Yourself With Excitement

As mentioned previously, sometimes simply talking to another coworker who is highly energetic is enough to keep you staying energetic as well. The feeling can be spread amongst coworkers as well as to customers. If your business allows it, play some upbeat, energetic music. Help foster a fun environment in which employees enjoy their job and love selling.

5. Find Inspiration

Whatever the reasons you had for initially becoming a salesperson, the facts now show that you are good at it. If that isn’t enough to inspire you, then get inspired by someone or something else. Read books about successful entrepreneurs, and or ask the best salesperson in the place (if it isn’t you) how they do it. You might be quite surprised by what you read or hear, and chances are you’ll learn a few new things about staying energetic as well.

6. Challenge Yourself

Have you been able to meet all your goals? If not, them keep at it. If yes, then maybe its time you tried setting goals that were a little more challenging.

7. Take a Break

If you work on a sales floor, you at least have the ability to walk around at times. If you’re stuck in a call center on the phone all day, it’s no wonder that your motivation is dropping. Staring at a computer and sitting a chair may seem like easy work, but it is actually very draining throughout the course of the day. Use your break time to do something a little energetic, like taking a short walk. And be sure to have snacks that provide you with healthy energy, not a quick sugar rush that fades and leaves you feeling worse than before.

8. Learn About the Product

How can you be excited about a product if you don’t even know much about it? Take the time to know about the product, and also learn about the benefits to the consumer. A customer will be more excited about a purchase if they know how a product can help them, and by provided them with that information, you are in turn helping the customer.

9. Avoid Becoming a Robot

Do you consistently use the same sales pitch or read from a script? Try getting a little creative and change things up a little. So long as you don’t forget the main points of the original sales pitch, you can probably easily come up with a few different ways to present them. This will cut down on the monotony, helping you to stay energetic and not fall victim to salesmanship boredom.

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